Rural Rooster is currently accepting entries for design, web, and print internships. Internships are unpaid. If interested, please email us a sample of digital portfolio pieces and tell us your areas of interest (web, print, prepress, illustration, logos, etc.).


Intern responsibilities include, but are not limited to actively being involved in creating print work, web work, and prepress files. If interest exists, the intern will also be given the opportunity to be involved in various stages of screenprinting posters and/or tshirts. Printwork can include corporate collaterals and brochures, CD packaging, posters, etc. Some will be based on a style guide, while others will be open for the intern’s creativity and ideas. Webwork will primarily consist of creating web graphics and layout. If the interest exists, the intern may also be involved in scripting with such tools as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL. Most of the client interaction will not be done by the intern, though when small questions and requests arise, such as the need for photos, copy, or files, intern-to-client communication is encouraged. Other intern duties may include studio maintaining such as straightening up work spaces, taking out trash, and exploring the book shelves. From time to time, the intern may also be able to participate in client meetings and conferences.

Supervision & Resources

The internship is an on-site experience which typically occurs twice weekly, as a full day session throughout the duration of the semester. The supervisor will be available for any work related questions and troubleshooting, and career/goal discussions. When the intern is working on a project, the supervisor will regularly check in and discuss direction and progress. Design work will be discussed, organized, and scrutinized before presented to any clients. But Rural Rooster definitely makes a goal for the intern to get real-world experience and real, solid, professional portfolio pieces to help them as they enter the work world.

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