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Rural Rooster is an art, design, web, & screenprint studio that creates Urban Graphic Design with Roots. Located in Austin, Texas, Rural Rooster has been creating unique, quality and affordable art solutions for nearly a decade. The design studio and screen print shop is headed by J.J. Campbell.

Rural Rooster began with the inspiration of combining passions for Art, Music, Communication, Culture, Technology and Printing into a one-stop resource for artists/musicians, entrepreneurs and businesses alike. With an international client base, Rural Rooster has become a widespread and reliable source for graphic design and screen printing for unique creatives and professionals.

An element that energizes Rural Rooster's inspiration is to maintain deep a connection to musical roots that shape much of our modern creative culture. Also being a life-long musician, Campbell correlates the importance of musical experiences with the visual-design process with three important lessons:

    1. Without actually listening and responding devoid of ego, innovation is difficult to accomplish.
    2. Seeing the big picture and realizing that the sum is often greater than the parts is key to communication and composition.
    3. Dynamics, temperature, and texture create mood, which affect the core of a person's being and thus can inspire action.

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